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Data Analytics Certification Training in Lafayette, LA

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Date & Time

Tue, 27 August 2024, 9:00 AM until

Fri, 30 August 2024, 5:00 PM

GMT -4.00

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Venue Location

Lafayette, LA

Regus Business Center, 70501, Lafayette, LA, LA, United States

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About This Event


Course Description:

The Data Analysis Boot Camp equips candidates with the knowledge, techniques and models to transform data into usable insights for making business decisions. The course simplifies complex concepts, breaks down math jargon and helps navigate complex symbols and equations. These skills enable candidates to zoom in on the most useful data and apply it in the real world. It also provides practical techniques for presenting findings to quickly make decisions that drive organizations forward. These tools include graphic presentation techniques and simplified models to transform the results of data analysis into digestible, easy-to-understand insights and usable recommendations.

Data Fundamentals

 Course Overview and Level Set

 Understanding Real-world Data

 Types of Data

 LAB: Hands-on – Profiling Data

 Data-related Risk

 Data Quality

 LAB: Hands-on – Dealing with Duplicates

 Relationships

 LAB: Hands-On – Data Relationships using PowerPivot

Analysis Foundations

 Statistical Practices: Overview

 Domains of Data Analysis

 Analyzing Data

 Statistical Practices: Overview

 Averages in Data

 Central Tendency

 LAB: Hands-On – Central Tendency

 LAB: Hands-On – Linear Regression

 Distributions

 Correlation

 LAB: Hands-On – Distributions in Consumer Finance Data

 Analytical Graphics for Data

Analytics & Modeling

 ROI & Financial Decisions

 LAB: Hands-On – Helpful Financial Metrics in Excel

 Using Financial Data

 Random Numbers

 Demo / Lab – Monte Carlo Analysis in Excel

 Predictive Analytics

 Demo / Lab – Using R for Powerful Analysis

 Clustering

 Data Modeling

 Data Warehousing

Visualizing & Presenting Data

 Goals of Visualization

 Visualization Essentials

 Demo / Lab – Improving a Difficult Report

 Communicating Data-Driven Knowledge

Who Can Attend?

Anyone involved in operations, project management, business analysis, or management would benefit from this course. This training is invaluable for:

• Business Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, CBAP, CCBA

• Systems, Operations Research, Marketing, and other Analysts

• Project Managers, Program Managers, Team Leaders, PMP, CAPM

• Data Modelers and Administrators, DBAs

• IT Managers, Directors, VPs

• Finance Managers, Directors, VPs

• Operations Supervisors, Managers, Directors, VPs

• Risk Managers, Operations Risk Professionals

• Process Improvement, Audit or Internal Consultants and Staff

Why Educera?

Educera's training is the best and value for time & money invested. We stand out because our customers

• Get trained at the best price compared to other training providers.

• Get trained by the best trainer in the industry.

• Get accesses to course specific learning videos.

• Get 100% Money back guarantee*.

Training Fee

Early Bird: Booking at least one month prior to the class start date

Training Venue

Venue will be confirmed to the classroom participants one week prior to the workshop start date and online participants will get the session attendance link before 4- 5 days of the training start date. Venue is finalized one week prior to the start date so that we can accommodate last minute rescheduling from the participants and we do not incur additional cost for rescheduling or cancellation.

For more details please contact us at or call us at +1 302-261-9363.

*To know more about the discount and money back, Contact us on chat, email or phone.

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Lafayette, LA

Regus Business Center, 70501, Lafayette, LA, LA, United States

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Simplykart Inc


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