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Event EndedHanoi Leadership: 7 Secrets for Your Success They Won't Teach You!

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Sat, 23 September 2023, 7:00 AM - 7:30 AM

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Leadership Secret #1:

Why the skills that got you here, are no longer useful to help you to get to the next level?

Leadership Secret #2:

What is the major operating system upgrade you must perform on your own thinking, and why no one else can perform the upgrade for you.

Leadership Secret #3:

Why "Active Listening" & "Communicate Clearly" are both really really harmful concepts.

Leadership Secret #4:

How to make employees feel they've been given a set of choices - without actually giving them any choices!

Leadership Secret #5:

With all the negativity all around you, how do you stay positive?

Leadership Secret #6:

How to create opportunities for yourself? How to "Create Your Own Luck!"?

Leadership Secret #7:

How to increase your level of confidence, authentically?

After you take the class, you will figure out: Why it's impossible for them to teach you these secrets

This class is ONLY for those managers who want to expand their own comfort zones, hear the truth, willing to do what has to be done, and want to overcome this challenge.

If you want to solve your leadership challenges:

You need to do/learn/hear what is necessary!

And what you need to hear (not what you want to hear) are outside of your current awareness, they are outside of your current comfort zone. But you have a long history of expanding your comfort zone, right?

You are not the sort of person who spends 100% of their intellectual, mental and emotional energy fighting to stay inside their comfort zone, are you? The type of person who insists on only hearing what they want to hear, and refuses to hear what they need to hear?

You are busy, that's why this class is "On-demand"! As soon as you register, you'll be able to take the class! Or come back to the class if you get interrupted!

To book Speaking Engagements and or Workshops, for your company/industry training/event, simply contact me directly at:

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