Fast Check-In and Badge Printing for your Events.

The simplest and fastest way to check-in attendees (real-time) at your event. We provide everything from badge printing, lanyards, digital tickets, online payments, QR scanning, and more.

The Problems

Challenges faced by event organizers:


Slow Event Check-In

Over 86% of event organizers suffer from slow event check-ins due to manual processes involving spreadsheets. This leads to prolonged queues, cumbersome procedures, and lots of human errors.


High Costs & Manpower

Over 88% of event organizers incur substantial expenses in event check-in processes due to the extensive manpower involved. Concurrently, this gives rise to complexities in human management processes, as not every manager exhibits competence in handling such tasks


Lack of Automation

More than 78% of organizers are not capitalizing on advanced tools and equipment capable of automating key processes like scanning, printing, and digital ticketing. Consequently, this lack of automation contributes to slower overall processes and an increased workload.

Simple & Fast Event Check-Ins

Real Time . On-Site . Automated

Instant Scan + Check-In

We make the check-in process at events extremely simple and fast. Simply scan an attendee's ticket QR code with a scanner connected to our proprietary system to check them in instantly.

Badge Printing + Lanyards

Receive your badge + lanyard (or wristband) immediately after checking-in at the event. This entire process can be done in less than 10 seconds.

Manpower & On-site Support

To ensure everything goes smoothly on the day, a dedicated technical support (and customer support) representative will be present at your event at all times. Our experienced event crew are also available if needed.

We Also Provide

Optional services for your events.

Badge & Lanyard Designs

Event Crew / Ushers

Wristbands & Badge Stickers / Sleves

Auttomated Table Number on Check-In

Specialized Scanners, Printers, and more

Customized Automated Reminders

Organizer Testimonials

"It's so simple and fast"

"Our biggest worry was having long queues at the check-in counters on the event day. Thankfully this didn't happen and everything went by like a breeze. Love how everything is real-time and super fast."

"No complicated apps required!"

"I love how Eventsize's check-in solution doesn't require complicated apps and 'import/export processes' to get badges printed. Game-changer in the industry!"

"Love the customer support"

"Eventsize provided us with a dedicated technical support representative who guided us throughout the entire check-in process. This took away much of our worries and everything went smoothly on the day."

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Frequently Asked Questions

We'll help clear all your doubts.

What are On-Site Check-In Solutions?

On-site check-in solutions are tools or systems used to manage the check-in process for attendees at events.

These range from event badge printing with lanyards, attendance tracking, on-site ticket purchasing, automated reminders, and more.

Are you able to print event badges on the spot?

Yes, our proprietary technology facilitates seamless attendee check-in at your event — enabling swift scanning of digital tickets and immediate printing of event badges, all completed within a 10-second timeframe

What makes Eventsize's check-in solutions different from others?

Eventsize's check-in solutions are all about simplicity, speed, and affordability.

Our proprietary technology comes fully integrated with online payments, digital ticketing, QR code scanning, badge printing, lanyards, and real-time analytics all built into a single solution.

Our mission is simple — to give event organizers peace of mind when handling attendee check-ins on the day of their events.

How much does check-in + badge printing cost?

Pricing for Eventsize on-site check-in and badge printing solutions varies depending on the size of the event and the check-in tools required.

We recommend contacting us for a quote here (you will also be connected with a dedicated account manager who will assist you throughout the entire process)..

What type of events are check-in solutions suitable for?

Eventsize's check-in solutions are typically more suited for events with a larger number of attendees such as conferences, concerts, and large gatherings.

While it is still possible to provide check-in solutions for smaller events (under 100 pax), the costs may not be justifiable in these scenarios.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes we do!

We provide bulk discounts (and plenty of bonus benefits) if you're hosting events above 1,000 attendees.

To get a quote, kindly reach out to us by filling up this form.

Do you provide backup on-site equipment?

Yes we do.

Typically we provide additional on-site equipment/materials on the evenrt day.

Assuming the number of attendees doesn't greatly exceed the order quantity, we anticipate no issues with equipment shortages on the day of the event.

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