Heather Allen

Hi, welcome to Craveworks, I’m Heather! Baking and decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies is my passion. Helping make your special events and celebrations memorable brings me an indescribable amount of joy. I am a visual artist turned “cookier” and “caker” with an extensive background in fine art. I started my baking journey as a child, learning how to make bread from my Nana.Owning a business had been a dream since childhood. After a decade spent working in accounting and operations roles I decided to combine my passion for baking and visual arts with my business operations experience. I started Craveworks to offer a unique experience for local dessert lovers, by providing the best in flavorful cakes and custom desserts.At Craveworks, we put our heart into everything we do to provide a custom and memorable experience for our clientele, placing a high value on quality and creativity.Outside of baking and decorating, I fill my time with reading, binging Netflix series with my husband, geeking out playing computer games, and convincing myself it’s okay to buy another cookie cutter.


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