Super Simple Event Registration with Auto WhatsApp Reminders.

Planning an upcoming event? We make it super simple to register attendees, collect payments, and automatically send out WhatsApp reminders & tickets for your event. The best part? It's free to get started.

The Problem

Challenges faced by event organizers:


No Local Payment Methods

Over 72% of event organizers struggle to collect payments by local payment methods (online banking, e-wallets). At the same time, some registration forms are long and complicated, making it very time consuming for attendees to sign up.


Reminders Don't Reach Attendees

Over 88% of event organizers struggle to effectively communicate with their attendees, as their emails frequently end up in the junk mail folder. Moreover, they face the additional burden of manually sending out most reminders.


Lack of Automation

78% of organizers are still stuck in the dark ages, failing to harness the power of automation for their event planning processes. As a consequence, precious time is wasted on mundane tasks that could be effortlessly automated.

We Simplify Events

Registrations . Reminders . Memberships

Simple Event Registration & Payments

Eventsize makes event registrations & ticket sales quick and easy. It takes less than 3 minutes to publish your event, and attendees can easily make payments via debit/credit cards, e-wallets, Apple and Google Pay, as well as online banking via FPX.

Auto WhatsApp & Email Reminders

Eventsize simplifies the task of sending reminders to attendees. We automate the process by sending reminders via WhatsApp, SMS, and email, ensuring that attendees never miss your event.

Paid Memberships & Community Tools

Turn attendees into paid subscribers. We provide tools to keep attendees updated on upcoming events, encourage interaction among members, and facilitate subscription collection for community memberships.

Super Simple Pricing

Low fees, and you only pay for what you use.

No charge for free events.

Includes all payment gateway fees.

Includes all WhatsApp & SMS fees.

No setup / registration fees.

No fees charged to attendees at all.

Receive payouts in 3 - 5 days after event.

Organizer Testimonials

"Love the auto WhatsApp reminders!"

"I've saved so much time reminding attendees about my event thanks to Eventsize's automated WhatsApp reminders feature. Running all my events are now so much easier."

"Perfect for selling tickets."

"I love how Eventsize supports so many payment methods, especially e-wallets. Gone are the days where I'm only able to receive payments by credit cards."

"It's so simple to use!"

"Eventsize is so simple to use, especially for non-techies like us! If you're looking for a super simple events solution in the market, you've got to try it for yourself. It's free to get started too!"

Start Your Community Today.

Get started with hosting your event in less than 3 minutes. Everything else is automated πŸ˜‰!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We'll help clear all your doubts.

Why use Eventsize?

Managing registrations, collecting payments, and reminding attendees for an event can be an extremely time consuming and tedious process. Sometimes, attendees even forget to attend your event (they don't check their emails or your reminders go to their junk mail folder).

With Eventsize, you can easily collect payments to your events, send reminders to participants automatically on WhatsApp/Email/SMS, manage check-ins with easy QR-scanning, and build active communities with participants after the event.

With Eventsize, our mission is to help organizers AUTOMATE the entire event registration and communication process (ticket sales, reminders, and even check-ins), so you can focus on doing what you do best β€” hosting a great event.

What makes Eventsize different from others?

Eventsize is all about SIMPLICITY and AUTOMATION. Our mission is to make event planning extremely easy for organizers by ensuring the following:

  • Super simple and fast RSVPs. Easily sell tickets and receive payments from attendees.
  • Automated reminders directly to RSVP-ed participants on WhatsApp
  • Automated WhatsApp, Email, and SMS reminders of upcoming events to past attendees.
  • Powerful marketing and analytics tools for organizers

Is Eventsize free to use?

Yes, Eventsize is free for organizers hosting events with 'free tickets'.

For organizers hosting events with paid tickets, we charge a low 'per-ticket' fee which includes all payment gateway and WhatsApp/email/SMS blasting fees.

More details on our rates can be found on the pricing and fees page.

Do you provide tools for building communities?

Yes, in fact Eventsize's event ticketing/RSVP solution is perfect for building and growing communities.

How we do this is by providing an automated way for event organizers to grow their 'following' (communities) everytime an attendee buys a ticket/RSVPs.

Followers will automatically be notified of upcoming events, simplifying the entire process for organizers to keep in touch with them.

What is the event size limit for organizers?

Eventsize does not have any event size limit. Organizers can host events with as few as 3 attendees all the way to 50,000 attendees.

How will I receive payments?

With Eventsize, your attendees can pay via a wide range of payment methods. The payment methods we currently support are as follows:
  • Credit / Debit Cards
  • Online Banking (FPX)
  • E-Wallet (GrabPay, Touch 'n Go, ShopeePay)
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Alipay

Payments are automatically wired to your bank account within 3 - 5 working days after the completion of your event(s).

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